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ultraceuticals performance treatments

Ultraceuticals are committed to achieving real, visible results containing high levels of active ingredients, these tested formulations effectively address major skin concerns. 
An Australian made product believing that radiant skin can be achieved by anyone.

 Please note: Our Ultra Signature Facial is recommended before commencing any active Performance Facial Treatments, as it ensures your skin barrier is strong and resilient and reduces the risk of any adverse reactions.

skin health consultation- 30 minutes | $50

Your skin is unique, which means your homecare and treatment journey should be too. Using our skin diagnostic tools, we can thoroughly assess your skin and create a bespoke journey that will have your skin glowing.

*Redeemable on product purchased on that day. 

ultra signature facial - 60 minutes | $102
result: hydration and vitality

A perfect introduction to Ultraceuticals. Combining a performance treatment with a little luxury. A Thorough Skin Consultation is peformed to tailor your treatment. Relax with a signature welcome massage, two corrective serums are then infused with sonophoresis followed by our signature facial massage. 

hydrate + firm - 40 minutes | $115
key concerns: dehydration, dry or lacklustre

This lactic peel is ideal for skins showing early signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be plump and dewy. 
Suitable for normal and dry skins

mattify + clear - 40 minutes | $115
key concerns: problematic or breakouts

Featuring our Mandelic peel to deep cleanse and clarify.
Suitable for oily, congested or problematic skin.

radiance + glow - 40 minutes | $130 key concerns: dull, blotchy, uneven skintone

A Brightening Aceelerator Mask with a cocktail of tries and tested active ingredient delivers a more even and smooth skin surface, improving skin vitality.
Suitable for most skin types.

rejuvenate + revitalise – 40 MINUTES | $155
key concerns: premature ageing, uneven skintone

Combining Retinol (vitamin A) with the enzyme Bromelain to help brighten and provide overall skin rejuvenation to the look of your skin. 
Suitable for most skin types
* cannot be performed whilst trying to conceive, pregnant or lactation

radiance + glow with peel – 50 MINUTES | $145

Combining a customised Peel and Brightening Accelerator mask, this multi-tasking facial treatment provides exfoliation, deep cleansing and hydration. Leaving the skin looking youthful and luminous.
Suitable for most skin types

performance plus treatments (level 2) - price on consultation

The ultimate in customisation, resulting in clarity, luminosity and hydration for a visibly rejuvenated and enhanced complexion. 
This provides superior delivery of corrective serums to address key concerns and elevate results to the next level. 

*A minimum of one performance facial treatment to assess the skins response must be performed prior to advancing this level. 

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