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IRIS Skin & Beauty turns 10

July 22, 2017

10 years! Can you believe it?? IRIS Skin & Beauty celebrated with Family, Friends and clients at Moss Vale’s Dormie House with a fantastic Great Gatsby Theme!

It was such a momentus occasion  for us and we are so blessed to love what we do everyday and be able to share it with you all!

We have Something better than chocolate

November 9, 2016

Only 24 days to Beautiful skin!

There are few things better than a traditional advent calendar. But this retail star from Babor totally trumps chocolate!

This year every ampoule is power-packed with precious, active ingredients to relax your skin and provide it with welcoming care for the pre-Christmas period. : It contains a variety of the brands’ active ampoules. Each one is a super concentrated treatment that functions to address a specific skin concern or improve texture at a cellular level.

BABOR Advent Calendar includes:
• 2 x Hydra Plus Active Fluid
• 3 x Algae Active Fluid
• 2 x Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid
• 3 x Triple Booster Fluid
• 2 x Active Night Fluid NEW
• 2 x Collagen Booster Fluid
• 2 x Youth Control Booster Bi-Phase 1ml
2 x 3D Lifting Fluid
• 3 x Lift Express Fluid
• 3 x SeaCreation THE SERUM

24 Ampoule Concentrates Valued at over $350…yours for only $195!
Get yours today

Why Guava is AWESOME for your SKIN :)

September 5, 2016

Discover the invigorating multi-layered aroma of this exotic fruit with sparkling berry notes, intoxicating blossoms and the freshness of green leaves carried on warm tropical breezes. One of the most gregarious of fruit trees, the amazing Guava fruit is high in essential vitamins and antioxidants containing the richest natural source of vitamin C which helps boost collagen production. Pure Fiji’s botanical blend is now enriched with this powerful Guava fruit in our Signature Line to improve skin elasticity and texture, leaving skin feeling smooth, hydrated and with a youthful glow!

guava heading

    Treats skin discoloration, such as dark circles, spider veins, rosacea, acne irritation and overall unevenness, with vitamin K. It heals because it improves blood coagulation, which is impaired in cases of skin redness and irritation.
    The amount of vitamin C in a guava is more than twice the 60 mg FDA daily value, which is good news for skin healing because it contributes to generation of collagen, the substance which keeps skin looking young and firm.
    Lycopene is also classified as a carotene which are also important free radical scavengers that protect the organism from overexposure to damaging UV-light. Lycopene’s antioxidant and UV-blocking capabilities naturally make it a valuable weapon in the battle against aging skin. A guava provides 2.9 g of lycopene. • Research shows that topical application of lycopene plays an integral role in stabilizing DNA structure in the nucleus of the skin cells as well as maintaining the DNA double strand-break repair pathway.

All in all, PURE FIJI’s Anti-Ageing Botanical blend enriched with GUAVA fruit is:

  • Excellent Source of antioxidant Vitamin C.
  • Improves tonicity and elasticity of the skin.
  • Prevents the signs of Aging. • Boosts Collagen Production.
  • Smoothes the skin Improving skin texture.
  • Hydrates and Nourishes Skin.

What are you waiting for… Book in for a delicious Body Treatment in at IRIS

Iris Skin & Beauty Turns 9!

June 25, 2016

This Month IRIS turned 9! Looking back at where we have come from has completely blown us away! The Awesome Foursome celebrated at McVitty’s Grove Winery out on Wombeyan Caves Rd for a delicious lunch!

HSR Lifting

March 30, 2016

Did you know that your wrinkles are just as unique as you are? Not all wrinkles are the same. Their formation is a complex process – and their remedy lies in our luxurious formulation. The new BABOR HSR Lifting collection has set the global standard in anti-wrinkle skincare.HSR lifting expert

Our high performance anti-wrinkle precision formula is effective against ALL KINDS OF LINES and WRINKLES, including Expression lines, gravitational lines, wrinkles caused by dry skin as well as a key cause: the loss of elasticity!

  1. Multitynden Plus – Extracts of Soybean, peas and millet in combination with tannic acid reduce wrinkles, strengthen tissue and smooth the surface of the skin
  2. Lupinus – Lupinus Extracts improve the elasticity of the skin and redefines facial contours
  3. Carnosin – The Amino Acid L-Carnosine reduces the formation of wrinkles caused by glycation
  4. Relaxo Peptide – Found in the Hibiscus Seed, it reduces expression lines by reducing muscle contractions
  5. Neuro-Receptor Peptide – Reduces fine lines and wrinkles caused by dry skin and ensures a smoother appearance by reducing water loss.

*Proven Positive Effect – Among 20 women aged 35-65 noticed results in 28 days!!

97% Increased Hydration

90% Smoother skin / Skin firmness

98% Reduction of wrinkle depth

Who doesn’t want to see these results?!?! Book your 90minute HSR Lifting Treatment with us Today and receive a FREE 5ml HSR Firming Eye Cream*

PLUS!! Purchase 2 HSR Lifting products and receive a FREE HSR Mini Lift Facial valued at $95

*Promotion only valid in April

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