Dr Babor Facial Treatments

Doctor Babor high-performance formulas are based on the synergy of the latest knowledge in the fields of science and medicine as well as the experience resulting from the many decades of Doctor Babor research – Precision Cosmetics ‘Made In Germany’.

Vitamin C Booster Facial – 60 minutes  | $119
evens complexion, freshness + smoothness

Intensive treatment for a tired, lacklustre complexion lacking radiance and suffering from signs of such as wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity.

Ultimate A16 Detox Treatment – 75 minutes  | $148
detoxifying, anti-ageing + refined

Intense facial for skins with signs of environmental induced skin ageing, lines, loss of radiance, alteration in pigmentation and irregular rough skin structure.

Purity Cellular – 75 minutes  | $135
blemished skin + regeneration

Intense treatment for the reduction of impurities and to clarify and soothe and refine skin. Perfect for extremely blemished skin and/or stress related skin.

Ultimate Skin Renewal Treatment – 75 minutes  | $149
even skin structure, regeneration + radiance

Perfect option for skin that is in need of regeneration, has lines and wrinkles or is dull and lacklustre. Your skin will be left radiant, refined, even and smooth.

Neuro-Sensitive Cellular  – 60 minutes  |  $115
reduces irritation + balancing

Facial Treatment for extremely dry, highly sensitive, flaky and itchy skin with redness and irritation. Great for dermatitis and eczema.

Anti-Couperouse Treatment  – 60 minutes  |  $110
anti-redness + evens skin tone

Intensive Treatement to reduce visible capillaries on the surface of the skin. See a reduction of red and flaking skin and leave with a balanced, even complexion.

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